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I DO NOT DO GAMING. I on,y do Photoshop CS5 Premire. Is the nVIDIA HD 330 adaquate and fast for Photoshop only? If not, what graphic card should I look for for only Photoshop? DH
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  2. So, tell us your FULL specs first:
  3. PS benefits more from CPU than VGA,so make sure you have a decent CPU(along with 3GB+ RAM)
    As for VGA,we don't have anything called nVIDIA HD 330, i think you meant
    Nvidia GT 330M,if so then yes its fine for PS.
  4. There is an OEM GeForce GT 330 that is available for certain prebuilt systems. It is a desktop card.

    The GeForce GT 330M is a mobile GPU for notebooks.

    To activate CUDA acceleration the cuda_supported_cards.txt file for CS5 Premiere will need to be modified to support the GT 330. The graphics card must have at least 768 MB or more graphics memory.
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