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Hello, just wanna ask i've just replace the capacitor of my 7300gt... but when i boot my pc lots of a in the output...
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  1. Can you make it more clear? :ange:
  2. Replaced the capacitor? You soldered it by yourself?
  3. Quote:
    but when i boot my pc lots of a in the output...

    What's this? :pfff:
  4. here's the thing i have two inno 3d GF 7300GT ddr3 256mb video card...iv'e clean my vcard due to PC instant restart during in game...i've noticed some of the capacitor (1500 micro farad 6.3v) was blown.. so i've replaced it with new one... during boot up on i've noticed there's a bit of a problem on the output of the vcard there are so may distorted graphics.. and again same thing my pc will restart during playing online games.
  5. Is it overheating?did you checked the temps?wats the temps?
  6. i'm really sorry but i could not access the temp no more because i've ready disassemble my pc... but nwiez wat could be the reason of overheating even though ive already change the blown capacitors?
  7. There is no relation between the blown capacitors and the gpu core,I am asking about the GPU temps
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