Best alternative to i7-2600k?

Was all set to purchase an i7-2600k and 1155 motherboard until I realized the intel error I'd vaguely heard about recently was about the chipset for this CPU.

I need to build a new system within the next month, so I don't think I can wait for the fixed chipset. What's the best alternative (within a similar price range)?

I'll be doing software development and creating apps that use multiple HD webcams and lots of 2D graphics.

Is the alternative so far away in terms of performance that I should find a way to hold off?

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  1. The only thing I can think of would be the I7 1366,but this would cost more than the I7-2600K
  2. The perfect alternative: Get a 2600K and P67 mainboard despite the recall. RMA the bad board when the fixed boards get manufactured in quantity.

    It's a win-win: You get to enjoy Sandy Bridge performance now, and get a brand new board with a fixed chipset in a couple of months.
  3. I've looked for boards and can't find any of the ones I'd want in stock anywhere. Arrgh.
  4. forgetcolor said:
    I've looked for boards and can't find any of the ones I'd want in stock anywhere. Arrgh.

    Most online retailers(including newegg) deactivated the motherboards. You will just have to wait for the new chipset. But seriously, just wait it out. Why do you need a new system so quickly? Wait for the new chipset and you will be much happier!!!
  5. ^ agreed. Just wait it out. You will save money and have more performance. No need to get something now just to replace it all sooner. The 1156 and 1366 paths won't be having many (or any) new CPU paths to upgrade to. Hold out for the 1155's to get fixed, and you'll have more performance and more future upgrade paths.
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