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Hi, I'm only a new member here but I've been visiting for years for my various PC issues.

Anyways I am planning to purchase a new PC very soon and I just wanted to check compatability. I believe that most of this is compatible but I could be wrong.

CASE – Antec Three Hundred Tower Gaming Case

CPU – Intel Core i7 950, 3.06GHz


RAM – Mushkin 6GB (3x 2GB) Triple Channel Mmeory Kit – PC3 12800 (1600Mhz) DDR3 – 240-pin DIMM – Non-ECC – Unbuffered – CL 6-8-6-24 (998958)

GPU – Gigabyte GeForce GTX580 Video Card

HDD – Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Desktop Hard Drive

OPTICAL DRIVE – Samsung SH-B083L/RSBP 8X BD-ROM / DVD-W Combo SATA Internal Optical Drive

SOUND CARD – Creative Labs X-Fi Xtreme Titanium

PSU – Antec 850W TruePower Quattro ATX & EPS 12V Power Supply, Modular Cables, Four 12V Rails, 80Plus Certified, 2x 8pin PCI-E, 2x 6pin PCI-E (TPQ-850)

OS – Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-Bit

CPU FAN – Noctua NH-U12P SE2 All-In-One Performance CPU Cooler

I am completely new to building PC's, I have always bought a Dell but this time I decided it was best to pick and choose my own parts.

I just want to confirm, is the ethernet port a part of the motherboard or do I require some sort of card for this sort of thing? A very newbie question I know :lol:
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  1. I'm not sure the memory is worth the price. I doubt you would see a significant difference compared to CL7. If the money is not a big issue then fine.

    If you are going to lay out this much on a system you should get an SSD as well. Something like this:

    This would be the better PSU, for less money:

    The motherboard has ethernet, USB, all the connections you need. It also includes sound, so only get the Sound Card if you are sure you will need it. Onboard sound is adequate for most.
  2. Because this is your first build, here's a couple of links to look at while you wait for your parts:

    Step by step directions:

    The following thread is primarily for troubleshooting boot problems, but the first part contains a checklist that should catch most of the noobish mistakes:
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    Don't get that WD, it'd be foolish, anyone here would recommend the Spinpoint F3:

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB -

    That 580 might get it's butt kicked by the 69xx cards coming in the end of November :P

    Sound cards these days really aren't necessary, the onboard sound on mobos are great

    Also, get the OEM version of Windows 7, only 100 bucks, save some money there

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OEM -

    Hope I helped
  4. Proximon, the CL7 memory is only a few dollars cheaper than the one I've chosen, which I found surprising. As for getting an SSD, I am thinking that I will use this one for the time being and if I find a need for an SSD I can get one later on.

    jsc, thanks for those links but the company selling the parts has offered to put them all together for a very low build fee. These guys are pretty reputable so I'm pretty comfortable with letting them build it.

    Reaper, thanks for the F3 suggestion, I think I might actually go with that after reading some reviews. As for the 580 getting its butt kicked, I am an NVIDIA person :P. And I think I am already getting the OEM version on Windows 7

    As for my compatibility question, do you think my components are compatible?
  5. yes, they all work together, but I advise an after market cooler, something like the Hyper 212 ~ 30$, I don't advise LC if you aren't familiar with building.... If you are having someone else build it... you can consider it... but you still need to check on it about every year... If you want to, I'd get the H70
  6. Sorry, what's LC?
  7. I've got the Noctua NH-U12P SE2 All-In-One Performance CPU Cooler aftermarket cooler listed in the top thing. Is that one ok?
  8. Liquid cooling

    Ahh I didn't see that.... yeah it would work...
  9. Ok thanks.

    Nah I don't think I'll be doing any liquid cooling, I think the noctua should be enough
  10. it will probably....
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