Accelero S1 Running Hot - help please?

I just uninstalled my MASSCOOL VF1-PLUS $10 cooler, and installed the Arctic Accelero S1 R2 on my 9800GT. Temps with the MASSCOOL VF1-PLUS were 50C idle, 88C with Furmark. Strangely, with the Accelero, my GPU is running at 76C idle. I don't even want to test it hot.

I followed all the instructions properly, applied the proper amount of Arctic Silver, slid the copper contact for the heatsink forward due to having less than 48mm of space between the heatsink and the bottom of the VGA card. I forgot to do this the first time around, and it was running 88C idle.

I also installed 2x120mm COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20AC-GP on the bottom of the Accelero, pushing 140CFM of air toward the video card. So I am utterly mystified at to why this card is running so hot.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Well, it's now decreased from 76C at idle to 68C at idle. Still WAY above the 50C I was seeing with my Mass Cool. And the temp instantly shot above 100C when running Furmark. So fast, I had to exit within a couple of seconds. The climb the 88C with the Masscool (cheap $10 rig) was very slow and very steady.

    So, I'm thinking the following may have something to do with it?

    1) Burn in for AS5 (dropped to 67C idle after running Furmark for a few seconds)
    2) A highly positive airflow into the case?
    3) Improper seating? (seems to be perfect to me)
    4) Not enough AS5? There is a thin, even layer on the GPU.

    It's not the temperature of the air the 2x120mm are drawing.... they're drawing the same air the fan for the Masscool was drawing. And the system temp/CPU temp measures 21/22C.
  2. Well, I reseated it very carefully and applied a bunch more AS5 to the heatsink. Now it's running at 43C idle, 70C 100% load Furmark. Not too bad. This is compared to 50C and 88C respectively on the Masscool VF1-Plus.
  3. Remember that sometimes it takes a while (a few days) for the thermal paste to set.
  4. jryan388 said:
    Remember that sometimes it takes a while (a few days) for the thermal paste to set.

    I applied a thin coat to begin with (when improperly seated), and noticed temperature decreases within a couple hours (from 76C to 68C idle). I fully expect that the idle temp will decrease from 43C. I did go from a thin coat of AS5 to about 3x as much though.

    Will it set faster if I leave Furmark on to pump a bunch of heat to the GPU?
  5. Just let AS5 cure normally.
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