How to convert a boot up MBR drive to GPT?

Is it possible to have a boot up GPT hard drive in Windows 8?

I just built a new comp.. and I only have 4TB hdd. I just found out the hard way that in order to use all 4TB you need to convert it to GPT.

I went through the storage options and it does not allow me to click on convert to GPT.

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  1. Yes, you can boot from a GPT drive in Windows 8, and all your parts should be capable since it is a new machine. HERE is a tutorial on how to convert -- you need to delete all of the existing partitions on the drive and then repartition with GPT. You need to boot from your install disk to delete the partitions since you have an OS on the drive already. You may be able to get by with just doing a new installation and selecting custom and then deleting all partitions, which works in Windows 7 but I haven't tried it yet in 8. And all data will be lost so back it up first.
  2. Alright thanks alot. I don't have anything important on here since I literally just built it a couple of days ago.
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