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Graphic card for p3

Is there any graphic cards available for p3 i.e old computers
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    Yes there is. I take it this is to replace a broken card. If it has an AGP slot this would work
  2. Theres plenty.
    If you have a board with a AGP slot, you can go up to a HD4670, though even with a PCI slot you can get a 9500GT.

    Whats your specs?
  3. THis is reminds me of my old Pent.3 PC with Radeon 9200 AGP... :)

    Yes, agree with rolli59 and Timop, you have many choices, that Radeon 9250 is good since any higher card than that would be hold back by your CPU.
  4. I got a few p3 machines around and I would go with an agp card, if the machine is just for the basics like surfing the net or watching non HD video then just about any thing will do as for games you will be sadly limited unless it is for very low demanding or retro gaming. Even a ancient Geforce 2 will be enough for 2D use so long it isn't pushing a 20+ in lcd,
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