What happened to my Hard Disk Space (an odd issue)

First I want to apologize if a related issue like this has already been answered elsewhere, but I am in a hurry and need to post this question quickly.

I reformatted an old 80 gig hard drive that previously had windows xp on it. I then put windows 8 on it, but decided I didnt like it so I put windows 7pro on it without reformatting. Windows 7 works quite well with only one issue. I only have 9 gigs of free space left.

This is what I noticed.

After I reformatted the drive and put windows 8pro on it I opened up windows explorer to view the disk usage, and it showed that I was using 50 gigs. I found that this was rather odd since it was reformatted, and it was a frewsh copy of windows 8 pro. I am pretty certain that it does not use that much space.

I then installed windows 7pro without reformatting. After booting into windows 7 I checked my disk usage again and it said I only had 3 gigs left. I then deleted the windows.old file completely, but that only freed up 6 gigs for a totoal of 9 gigs free.

I ran disk cleanup(deleted old system files), disk defrag, disk doctor, and about a dozen other things. I also tried to explore my hard disk drive (drive C: ) and all the files combined only equal about 15 gigs, so if you add the 9 gigs of free space that brings the total to about 24 gigs.

Where are the other 56 gigs of space?

Thank you for any help in advance, and I am sorry that this post was kind of long. I just wanted to make sure that I conveyed my issue as clearly as I could in as short of a time as possible. :D
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  1. "Pilot error".. you don't know what you are doing.. that's why you cant explain it.

    Make sure you have all hidden and System files unhidden.. then you can work out where the space is going.

    Sure someone else will chip in with how..
  2. Of course I don't know what I'm doing that's why I asked a question...

    ---Also I found out that my 32 gigs of ram were hogging up the space because it created a virtual ramdisk on my hdd that matched the amount of ram I had.

    Thanks for you help! (not sarcasm) :)

    Thanks edgarrary, but I have solved the problem. I don't know enough about these forums to know how to mark this thread as solved, or if that is even something I can do on my end. I thank you for taking the time to put in your input though :)
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  6. Hi,

    Even I am also facing the similar kind of issue, Can you please let me know how did you overcome the issue ?
  7. Srikanth Manda said:

    Even I am also facing the similar kind of issue, Can you please let me know how did you overcome the issue ?

    Please create a new thread, with your specific issue and situation.
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