What graphic card for my computer

hi everyone

i would like to change my graphic card butnot sure what my system can run

i actually have :
intel core i7 920 @2.67
12 gb ram ddr3
1tb hard disk
geforce gt220 1.5 gb
power supply: fsp 450-60ep

i think it s a good system but the gpu needs to be changed for a better one
what can u recommend?thank u
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  1. Do you game? Whats your budget?
    Right now you have a high-end CPU and a bottom-line basic GPU.
  2. i do play
    i don't have an enormous budget
    i saw a couple of cards that i could afford on ebay
    i thought about a gtx 285 or equivalent
  3. What do you play?

    And on the budget, an exact number would help, GTX285 is pretty high.
  4. i like action game
    i just finished mafia 2 which was kind of lagging but playable

    200euros is the very most i can spend less would be better

    i saw a gtx295 goigng at 150 euro
    but i think that very card require a stronger power supply
  5. go for ati radeon hd 5770 or higher, they provide good performance to value ratio....
    geforce is also good (i have geforce gpu) yet i suggest ati....
  6. What are the prices for a GTX460?
  7. They are around 200-230 U.S. I have 2 in SLI in my system. Good cards.
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