Microsd card "write protection" and disconnecting problems

This is absolutely infuriating. Two new lexar 32gb class 10 micro sd cards have issues. Two different computers running windows 7 were used and they cannot remove the "write protection." All other advice says to "move the switch to the unlock position" but microsd cards don't have the damn switch! The two usb adapters that came with the cards both work with another microsd card that doesn't have this problem but when using the two new ones, one of them doesn't even show up, and the other keeps disconnecting when trying to add files. I can copy or add files to it at the start, but a few seconds in it just disconnects.
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  1. Hello youngster, I work here at Lexar and I would like to help getting your issue resolved. I have a few questions if you don’t mind.

    1). When you purchased the cards did they come with the Lexar reader
    2). If they came with the readers are both cards doing the exact same thing in both readers
    3). Are you using any other micro sd adapters besides a Lexar adapter.
    4). If your using a lexar adapter not the reader which one is it.

    You can email me at demwilliams@lexar.com

    Kind Regards
  2. Thank you for replying. They both came with the lexar reader (this one in fact: http://www.amazon.com/Lexar-High-Speed-MicroSDHC-Memory-LSDMI32GBSBNAR/dp/B004AM610M). When I tried swapping the readers with the cards, the results would be mixed, sometimes the same disconnecting, or not being recognized at all. I'm suspecting a driver issue but it's odd that would be for two different computers that I maintain and keep up to date. I did try another reader that was from kingston, but it wouldn't read them either. And it does read other microsd cards I can verify.
  3. The card doesn't even show up, how can I remove protection if it isn't even recognized?
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