Graphic Card for streaming Gaming video.

I am recently doing gaming stream, and I need to lower the quality in order to maintain decnt FPS.
My computer is a little more than 2 yr old

Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad processor Q9300 2.5GHz
3GB DDR2-800MHz dual channel SDRAM (2x1024,2x512)
512MB NVIDIA GeForce 9500GS and TV Tuner Card/PVR
640GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s, two drives (2x320GB)

I am streaming at Jtv with adobe flash media live encorder, also running SCFH DSF(screen capture), virtual audio mixer and chrome check my stream.
In jtv there are some stream with HD quality gaming. I have ask one of them their computer spec. But his computer is an overkill (over 12k)
So if I want to stream my game in HD, as you can see the text clearly on the stream.
what kind of graphic card you need? And Can I get away with only chaning the graphic card?
or change of CPU is essential for HD stream

The game is StarCraft 2 by the way, I run it in medium video setting. and turn off most of the effect and physic.
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  1. You could just buy a decent video card, and then you wouldn't have to stream. It would be a better picture too... What's your budget?
  2. My maxium budget is $300. but the focus of my question is if I get a better graphic card, can I do HD streaming without changing my cpu?

    and what do u mean by I wouldn't have to stream it?
  3. Please clarify what you mean by "streaming". Are you using an online service to stream the game video to your computer or are you playing the game on your computer locally? If you are using an online service, the most likely reason it doesn't work well is that your internet connection isn't fast enough.

    If you are not in fact streaming the video over the internet, then you could get a Radeon 5770 for $140 or so or a GTX 460 1gb for $210 or so, and enjoy max settings on nearly all of your games.
  4. Sory, I didn't think of other possible meaning of streaming.

    By streaming I mean playing video game and useing online serverice (I use justin TV) to boardcast my computer screen to my followers.

    The internet connection isn't the problem, I have test with different setting and my internet are fine. When I higher my stream resolution, my game look like slide show.
    and the other people in the game didnt feel lag.
  5. I don't think a GPU would have anything to do with what quality you can stream in since your record and send would all be on the back end after all the rendering has been done, although that card does suck. How does the game run normally when you aren't trying to stream it? You've got a pretty low end system just to play the game, much less try and stream it to other people in HD.
  6. thank you for all ur replys, I feel worm and fuzz eveytime I visite this forum.

    If I wasnt streaming, the game play just fine. I can play in high setting and everything work fine. Starcraft dont take that much to run.

    I know my card can't handle the streaming with game play. even when I am just stream and borwsing the web, my computer was running very slow. (not sure if that is more of a cpu problem)

    I know i better off to just change all my gear, but there is budget problem. plus is kind of waste of my current computer after I get a new one.

    My plan was to get a better graphic card and psu to have better fps while streaming the game. and maybe 2 year latter i will get a better cpu, then I can contunious use the graphic card I am going to get now.

    the focus of my question is.

    1. can I HD streaming without change cpu, if yes which card can let me do that.

    2.If I must have better cpu to have hd quality stream while playing game. which card should I get now to have improve my current stream? I have roughtly $300 budget. However one of my concer is after 2 yr, $150 graphic card will be better than the $300 card now. If that's the case, I might only spent $150 on my card for now.

    3. my ultimate goal is to stream Starcarft2 in HD on online streaming service (Justin TV, Ustream) on medium setting. By HD quality I mean my viewer can read the text on my web browser. I cant imaging I will do anything more than this for the next 5-7 years. What other option do I have that you can think of?

    PS: I know some may suggest I go all in, spent 1k on a new set up. My problem is I am a student, and I may squeeze out 1k for a new computer, but it's not worth the money at this point time. $300 is the most I can afford, I plan to do a hardward renew in 2 year or sooner. depend on the product market and my job status.
  7. well midnight_sc

    buy a cooler for your CPU and overclock providing you have a decent Mobo
    get to 3GHZ

    The spend the other 270 ATI 5850 most likely

    if you are running a 64bit operating system get more ram switch out your 2x512mbs for 2x1GBS and spend the rest of your money on an Nvidia

    I forgot to mention to sell the old ram and buy some beer
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