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Hello,I have an old and very obsolete desktop computer. I am looking to upgrade the thing and as it turns out its so ancient i need to buy everything... Rather than go and just buy a ready built computer i opt to build my own and learn a bit about it in the process. All i really need it for is to play games of today like World Of Warcraft and Guild Wars and that kind of thing whalst keeping the whole thing under £500 ($750) if i can.

So... Where do i start? I need to know what's better for what i need to do in the way of processors Dual core, Tri, or Quad. Or if there is really going to be any noticeable difference between the three. I know i need a graphics card but do i also need a sound card? I have the power-supply case and an old PATA 80GB hard drive but if replaceing that is worthwile i will probably get two SATA ones and have them on a RAID1 Array. Oh and almost forgot RAM; well i have absolutely no idea what i need in the way of that?

Thanks to anyone who can answer any of those many questions =)I know i asked allot =/
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  1. thankyou =]
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