Ati 5970 vs nvidia 480

Hey i am recently going to purchase a new computer and was wondering about which graphics cards i should use. I was debating between the ati 5970 or possibly the nvidia 480. I've done research and both have their pros and cons, so i just wanted another opinion. Also is there is any other advice on a different card let me know.
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  1. Single Cards:
    5970 - $600ish, very powerful
    GTX 480 - $450-500, tiny bit less powerful than 5970
    5870 - $400ish, slightly less powerful than the 480

    Dual Cards, if your motherboard supports it:
    two GTX 460 1gb in sli - $430ish, significantly more powerful than 5970 or 480.
    two GTX 470 in sli - $550-600, significantly more powerful than dual 460 1gb
  2. What about the rest of your system?
    Does you mobo support CF/SLI?

    HD5970 is faster than GTX480.
  3. Intel® Core™ i7 950 Processor (4x 3.06GHz/8MB L3 Cache)
    Memory 6 GB [2 GB X3] DDR3-1600-Corsair or Major Brand
    Motherboard [SLI] ASUS Sabertooth X58-
    Power Supply 900 Watt

    and my motherboard does support sli/crossfire
  4. Well then I would vote SLI 470s for about the same amount of money as a 5970. Or if you want to save you could get SLI 460 1gbs, which would still beat a 5970 but be cheaper.
  5. Which 900W is it though?
  6. Yup, what 900W PSU? brand? model?

    Dual GTX470 are great for your system...
  7. it's actually a 1000w Extreme Gaming Series psu, also i have a monitor that is about three almost four years old and was woundering if i upgraded to these cards should i get a new monitor or will i be fine?? the monitor is a samsung syncmaster 206bw
  8. Is it a 20" monitor?Does it support full HD? If not then get a new one.GTX 470 SLI at anything less than Full HD is a waste of money.
  9. its a 22" and is doesn't have full hd so im probably going to buy a new one. Any recommendations on a monitor??
  10. One pro vs. con of AMD vs. Nvidia is the DirectX 11 performance of Nvidia cards is significantly better due to their use of dedicated tesselation architecture.

    And to save someone from having to write, "but not many games support DirectX 11", here is a list of current and future games that support DirectX 11 to factor into the decision:

    I love my 27" Samsung Syncmaster p2770h that I got cheap from Costco.
  11. The tessellation performance isn't THAT much better, the 5970 matches a GTX470 more or less.

    Also "DX11" support doesn't not equal Tessellation, simple lighting effects can qualify a game as "DX11".
  12. thanks guys for the advice.
  13. Hey Mottongaba, i ordered the 1000w Extreme Gaming Series Power Supply. How is it? is it reliable and how has it been for u?

    i cant find many reviews on it which sacres me, but if u have it, then i might be saved haha.
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