Graphics Card Issue

Ok so here's the situation..

I decided to make a new build with:

TOWER ~ Antec 900 two
PROCESSOR ~ AMD Phenom II x4 965 proc. 3.4mhz
RAM ~ Wintec AmpX Dual Channel DDR3 Extreme 2x2gig
PSU ~ Rosewill 750w 80+ bronze cert.
GPU ~ Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 1gig
Monitor ~ HP 2009m

I got everything plugged/screwed in properly and started up the system for the first time noticing that all the LEDs and fans were working properly (even on the GPU) to find out there was no display to the monitor. I checked over the system for loose plugs and re-sat the GPU multiple times still no display. I put in a old Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT and wouldn't you know it.. It displayed to the monitor.

Now before we assume the GPU/PSU is bad it isn't. I had the GPU in my previous build along with the same PSU & Monitor and it worked fine without any issues. Now maybe I'm missing something but I searched all over to see if the GPU was in any way not compatible with my new mobo and came across nothing. Any ideas?

This is my first time "from scratch" build so sorry if I left something out.

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  1. the card is probably bad, psu should be plenty even for 2 4870s, RMA.
  2. Yeahh that was the only conclusion I could come up with but I put the GPU back into my old system and it runs fine.. So the GPU works just won't in my newer build.
  3. reset CMOS, take out the mobo battery and wait about an hour then put it back in.
  4. Ok I'll give it a try.. I'll post back with results.
  5. Nope.. Still will not display video to the monitor. I'm really clueless on the matter.

    Bios Version/Date is: Award Software International, Inc. F3, 6/10/2010

    SMBIOS Version is: 2.4

    Could BIOS be an issue?
  6. Reseat the graphics card. I remember back when i thought the GPU was seated good, but it wasn't. Keep reseating it..
  7. I repetitively reseated it.. Nothing. I just placed a order through Newegg for a Gigabyte HD 5850 1gb hopefully that will display on the monitor.

    I'm still going to call Gigabyte's CS and see if there is a "known" compatibility issue or something.. I don't see how there could be but something definitely isn't right.
  8. So anyone got any other ideas? Thanks for any input.
  9. CelinKradur said:
    So anyone got any other ideas? Thanks for any input.

    Apparently not.
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