Should i refund my GPU or keep it?

Okay so i have just built a computer last week and i installed a Radeon 4870 in it. Well my motherboard has a Radeon 4200 Onboard graphic. So i am thinking should i refund my 4870 and waiting about 2-3 months until the Radeon 6xxx series come out and buy a better graphic card and it will cheaper by then. Meanwhile in those 2-3 months i can play the games i play on my 4200 on med settings. So should i refund my 4870 and buy a 20% better card in 2-3 months? is this a good idea?
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  1. Whats your budget?
  2. HD 4200 is a low-end card,it can handle new games on low settings/low resolution, so IMO keep your 4870.Its still a great card.
  3. HD4870 is still fast enough to handle any games recently with decent setting, so keep your card for now, you can sell it later when you decide to buy HD6xxx series...
  4. well i am asking because i can get a full refund from newegg since its been only about 7 days until i got it. so should i just refund it and after 2-3 months buy a good $200 card with dx 11 and such. so should i refund it?
  5. I guess your looking for someone to tell you yes ? lol

    That would leave you almost unable to game ? So NO, I wouldn't.

    There will always be something better around the corner.
  6. well i need opinions. but a 4200 is okay i can play older games which i mostly do fine. and in 2-3 months i can have way more performance then what i have right now. so i just need your guys opinions on should i refund it or keep it?
  7. lol multiple people said "no". It seems you want people or others to say "yes,go refund it" :]

    Well if you are going to play dated games, then be my guest and go refund it.
  8. hmm well okay thanks guys. i guess i will keep it btw whats better though 5770 or 4870?
  9. 4870 is slightly faster(but with the newer drivers the gap is much less now), so both will give you roughly the same performance.
    Keep your 4870 and wait for HD 6xxx series and then decide whether you need a new card or not.
  10. well i have a 4870 1024 mb version so i guess its better. but i feel like missing a lot just cuz of dx11. btw should i refund my 4870 for gtx 460?
  11. japjeev said:
    well i have a 4870 1024 mb version so i guess its better. but i feel like missing a lot just cuz of dx11. btw should i refund my 4870 for gtx 460?

    As ct1615 mentioned,don't worry much about DX11
    However GTX 460 is certainly faster than your card but do you have any problems with your card? (in terms of performance)
  12. nope not really its just that i am kind of disappointed that i get about 40 fps on 1920x1080 on need for speed world. everything else i run smoothly
  13. why return it? you have to pay 15% restocking fee + pay to ship it back(shipping might be around $10-14). I would just keep and use it and then sell it later. You'd mostly get about 10% less than what Newegg will offer you after restocking fee + shipping plus you'll get to use the card until the 6xxx comes out.

    But, in the end its up to you.
  14. DX11 still has a while to "mature" DX11 is more like a marketing scheme because with the new windows (Win7) they have to make a new DX. Many game developers still make games for DX10 even DX9, your not missing out.

    And like all others, I lawl. Your really just trying sooo hard to have someone tell you YES go return it. Almost all responses have led to, no don't return it. But your tryinng reallly hard.

    If you feel your lacking in performance just get another 4870. The price for two is just 260$ tops.
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