My computer is saying that there is a hard disk failure

My computer is a toshiba satelite L455 and I have had it for 3 years. it keeps saying.that there is a bad disk or disk failure. What can I do? I bought it in 2010 but its been doing thi for over a year and a half.
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  1. what is the exact message? and where did you see it?
  2. Its saying that there is a failure on hard disk 1. Also its telling me to immediately back up my files.
  3. Also I forgot to mention that the message pops up on the screen when after I turn it on. It wont load or allow me to log on or access the internet at all. The windos 7 screen wont even load. Its like it being prevented to do anything.
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    You'd better back up your files well and test it with SeaTools for Windows:
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