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Hi i'd like to ask if there is any chance of Crysis being uncompatible with Windows 7 64 bit, reason is that it is in this part of the forum is i've been having trouble with my pc for two months now since getting new motherboad , gtx 480 and 950W psu and it is really frustrating trying to find out what's wrong , i have wiped my har drive of previous drivers ect and downloaded drivers but with no success, i also sent my first 480 back to ebuyer and they said it was faulty so i got a new one back and still the same problem , the choice to rate your components through windows freezes also while doing that Direct x 3D aero assesment and it also freezes on things like windows 7 chess and the nvidia demos are also not functional. I am totally lost. I have got 2 people looking at this also , having spent more than £50 now... What can i do :(

my motherboard is the asus p5q se plus.
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  1. ALready tried updating mobo driver?
  2. ALready tried updating mobo driver?
  3. Disabling AERO perhaps?
    Or you can try your card in different PC to make sure this is a faulty card or not...
  4. well i tried my other card the gtx 9800+ but it dint work but the guy in the shop said he tried that card on my system and that it did work so i feel as if im being lied to..
  5. It could be your motherboard or your PSU...
    THis can be difficult, you can try different PSU on your system or try different mobo, this problem is quite hard...
  6. Any chance at all it could be my harddrive? because one of the guys tested san andreas with it while on vista on another harddrive and he said it worked fine but.. when he tried the games on my pc with vista it didn't work.. , my PSU is the Corsair 950W TX
  7. gta san andreas wont tax the 480 that much.

    check your videocard's temps.

    you can also try memtest (google it).
  8. i don't have the pc with me just now :/
  9. neither would the chess game but though.. and it freezes on that , it'd also freeze after watching a dvd after so many minutes
  10. Yes, bad hard drive can cause something like freezing. have another drive? You can try it...
  11. hmm no ;/ the guy at the place said he did tests on all the components like the hard drive and he said they were all fine.. i feel as if im beig lied to but my mum is confident in them that they have no reason to.
  12. Yes, i know your feeling, it's hard to convince your mother about your problem.
    Not all technician understand much about PC components...
  13. i just got a phonecall there though and it sounds quite promising, he said that the lead going from the PSU to the graphics card was faulty and was not giving the card sufficient power but it still doesn't explain why he said crysis was not compatible with windows 7...
  14. Well, that's funny, I'm playing Crysis with win 7 just fine.
    Okay, i hope that tech guy can solved your trouble, computer issues can be so difficult to handle sometimes...

    This is question that i never asked before:
    What exactly your PSU? brand? model?
  15. This is my PSU :) and i know it's funny cause i know fine well you can play crysis with windows 7 but ofcourse im not really in the positon to argue with them..
  16. Okay, that's a GREAT PSU you have there...
    It should handle ANY dual graphic cards without problem, well let them check your PSU, nothing's perfect, it possible that your PSU is faulty...
  17. thanks :P and yeah going to send it back to ebuyer and get new one... i don't get how they couldn't use another set of pins though..
  18. On my system I was getting all sorts of weird problems. Everything checked out fine with the hard drive, except the Resource Monitor was showing it as underperforming. When I replaced the hard drive, all the problems went away. Windows 7 does a lot of background tasks (indexing, superfetch, etc.) that can stress a hard drive and cause a lot of problems on a drive that is marginally working fine.
  19. Well actually now as i remember , when you turn it on it doesn't post the graphics card as you boot up nor does it show you it on the system properties except for on the devices manager but it did everything with my old graphics card..
  20. I've had similar issues as you have and there were two causes the first being a bad sector on my hard drive that would cause the system to crash until I replaced the hard drive. The other being bad memory that would work until the system tried to write to that one bad location, when this happened random errors occured, blue screen, scrambled files, slow down of the system. It can be really hard to determine what the true problem is sometimes.
  21. thank you for your responses :) if it continues to fail after replacing my PSU i will then definately get a new harddrive , possibly samsung f3 spinpoint hd since ive heard they are good , can't afford a SDD , though i don't understand why my harddrive could handle windows vista but not windows 7 when windows 7 seems to be less heavy on the resources..
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