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So back in the day when the 8800's came out, my limited intelligence provoked me into buying a couple EVGA 8800gts's, as opposed to gtx's. So now, 4 years down the road, both my gts's are broken. My friend had a couple of BFG 8800gtx OC's lying around that i quickly took off his hands, however, he watercooled them and lost both of the stock fan systems.

couple questions:
1. can i use my 8800gts fans on the 8800 gtx? Upon first glance, they seem compatible but i want to be sure.

2. i assume AS5 will work for the gpu, but for the other chips on the board there is a different type of heat transferring material. Only reason for this that i can think of is that the other chips have plastic casings as opposed to the metal casing on the GPU. suggestions for this other material would be excellent.

thanks all
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  1. The answer is no they do not mount and the power stage arrangement on the GTX is much different than that of the GTS. If you really want to use this GTX then go search online for a cooler that has the screws AND the thermal pads but if not then go onto newegg or any other place and purchase a zalman VF1000 with the RS88h kit. It will more than do the job to cool the card. There are other choices out there to cool your card but be sure that it has every thing you need.
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