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Hi there, so recently I noticed a small problem with my pc. Usually when I start it up I just leave the room to do something else so I didn't noticed it until today. When I power my pc it takes some seconds (~20 sec or so) to beep and load the bios. I just see a black screen and then after 20 sec I see the bios letters I hear the beep and everything goes fine. Windows start very quickly and pc runs fine. I would like to know the reason why I hear the beep so late because I remember hearing it almost instantly when I booted the pc in the past. I didn't make any hardware changes lately. So what do you think is the problem??

Some things I already done trying to solve it are:
1) I removed all cables and pressed the power button for 15 sec. I read this somewhere that it might help.
2) And I reset the bios settings through the setup.

Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is usually an entry in the BIOS called "QuickBoot" or something similar. make sure that it is enabled, otherwise, your machine will go into a check of your RAM that takes a considerable length of time.
  2. The system may be stalling on a piece of hardware that is on its way out see if you have this problem with just the Videocard, CPU and memory hooked up to the motherboard. Turn on the PC and see if it still stalls for that long. If it doesn't slowly hook up the system piece by piece turning on the system after each component is hooked up until you run into that issue again. That should help you find the culprit.
  3. you can update your bios. this might fix a bug causing your speed issue. check the patch notes of the new bios. there are also some bios virus out there now. they are rare but exist. updating your bios is the only way to remove them so far.

    you can in the bios disable things you aren't using like floppy drive, parallel ports, etc.

    you can reseat your ram and cards. it could have a slightly loose connection with one of the pins, good enough to work but bad enough for your pc to run extra diagnostics on it.

    you can kick it and call it names.
  4. Thanks guys, that's a big help, I'll try it as soon as I can.
    Btw QuickBoot is already enabled.
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