Hard disk space dissapearing

Hello,i have this computer for ... lets say VERY VERY long,and my max hard disk space is 56 GB,my windows recover is on 5gb (10%) and my recycle bin is empty,i been wondering wtf is happeing for.. maybe years,and today,when i uninstalled a game which had 5gb,i had still only 2gb left same as before..that happened never before. i play alot of PC games.but i dont have so many lol :D could anyone help me out without something hard? i dont know almost anything about PC's

PS: sorry for my english
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  1. The first thing you need to do is clean the system. Run CCleaner ( http://www.piriform.com/CCLEANER ) and do the Clean and Registry both. Then defrag and reboot.
    If CCleaner finds a lot of garbage, you may have to run it more than once.
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