Can i run the Phenom II X6 1090T cpu on the Asus M5A78L-M LX AMD 760G

I recently bought the Phenom II X6 1090T cpu and is now seeking a motherboard for it but i dont have a lot of cash at the moment so my questions is can i run the Phenom II X6 1090T on the Asus M5A78L-M LX AMD 760G ? please just a yes or no
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  1. According to the specs I found on Asus' website, this processor will support the motherboard as it is AM3 socket. I have this processor myself but I'm using it on a different motherboard.

    You should be good to go with that board according to the manufacturer specs.
  2. I would say no according to the link Ishkrish provided. I copied the list from the manufacturers' cpu support list for the phenons and the 1090T is NOT listed that I see. Which is why I'm posting it here in case I missed it! The following corresponding #'s are the bios version required to run that cpu.

    Phenom IIX2 545 (HDX545WFK2DGI),3.0GHz,80W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Dual-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX2 545( HDX545WFK2DGM),3.0GHz,512KB,rev.C3,80W,SocketAM3 0205

    Phenom IIX2 550 (HDZ550WFK2DGI),3.1GHz,80W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Dual-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX2 550( HDX550WFK2DGM),3.1GHz,512KB,rev.C3,80W,SocketAM3 0205

    Phenom IIX2 555( HDZ555WFK2DGM),3.2GHz,512KB,rev.C3,80W,SocketAM3 0205

    Phenom IIX2 560(HDZ560WFK2DGM),3.3GHz,512KB,rev.C3,80W,SocketAM3 0205

    Phenom IIX2 565(HDZ565WFK2DGM),3.4GHz,512KB,rev.C3,80W,SocketAM3 0205

    Phenom IIX2 570(HDZ570WFK2DGM),3.5GHz,512KB,rev.C3,80W,SocketAM3 0205

    Phenom IIX3 700e (HD700EOCK3DGI),2.4GHz,65W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Triple-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX3 705e (HD705EOCK3DGI),2.5GHz,65W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Triple-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX3 710 (HDX710WFK3DGI),2.6GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Triple-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX3 720 (HDX720WFK3DGI),2.8GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Triple-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX3 720 (HDZ720WFK3DGI),2.8GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Triple-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX3 740 (HDZ740WFK3DGI),3.0GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Triple-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 805 (HDX805WFK4FGI),2.5GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 810 (HDX810WFK4FGI),2.6GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 820 (HDX820WFK4FGI),2.8GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 840 (HDX840WFK42GM),3.2GHz,95W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 850 (HDX850WFK42GM),3.3GHz,95W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0404

    Phenom IIX4 900e (HD900EOCK4DGI),2.4GHz,65W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 905e (HD905EOCK4DGI),2.5GHz,65W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 905e (HD905EOCK4DGM),2.5GHz,65W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 910 (HDX910WFK4DGI),2.6GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 910E(HD910EOCK4DGM),2.6GHz,65W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 925 (HDX925WFK4DGI),2.8GHz,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 925 (HDX925WFK4DGM),2.8GHz,95W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 945 (HDX945WFK4DGI),3.0GHz,2048KB,95W,rev.C2,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 945 (HDX945WFK4DGM),3.0GHz,2048KB,95W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX4 960 (HDX960WFK4DGM),3.3GHz,95W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX6 1035T(HDT35TWFK6DGR),2.6GHz,95W,rev.E0,SocketAM3,6-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX6 1045T(HDT45TWFK6DGR),2.7GHz,95W,rev.E0,SocketAM3,6-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX6 1055T(HDT55TWFK6DGR),2.8GHz,95W,rev.E0,SocketAM3,6-Core 0205

    Phenom IIX6 1065T(HDT65TWFK6DGR),2.9GHz,95W,rev.E0,SocketAM3,6-Core 0205
  3. Yeah that's true, my mistake on that one.... one thing I do find curious though is that there's a bios update available for this board for version:

    0602 BIOS
    (Support new CPUs. Please refer to our website)

    However in the supported drivers, it does not state what support was introduced with the motherboard's recent bios update to 0602, it's only listed up to Bios 0404. What is supported in version 0602????

    (see for list of support, note the BIOS column only goes up to listings for bios 0404:

    I certainly won't disagree that the CPU is not listed there, but it may be worth contacting the board manufacturer about as there isn't much info on the bios release 0602 I could find.
  4. Okay Thanx
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