Need opinions on this HP system.

Hey I found this at staples and it seems to be a very good price for the specs. I would eventually put in a better graphics card/powersupply but my main question is how good is the Phenom II 820 Quad-Core Processor (2.80GHz) that is in this system? Will it play all of today's games(with upgraded card?)
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  1. link is broken

    I believe I found it.

    And to answer your question, yes, with an dedicated graphics card, this PC can play todays games.

    You will need to get an 1GB ATI HD 5770 ($150) or an 1GB ATI HD 5830 ($170)
  3. It will need more RAM to go in Daul channel, and also a better PSU....
  4. so if I was you, I might look into a home build. However to fully update the system to game on, you will be looking at like $250-300 on top of the price of the PC.
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    oh and to directly answer your question about the CPU, the is a definite yes, a quad-core will get it done. :)
  6. Sorry guys about the broken link, thanks mattus92 that's the one. I really want a prebuilt system do you guys know of any others that would be better that i can game with but cheapest as possible?
  7. uh and
    I still think you should build it yourself.... but if not, all of those sites are custom computer shops.
  8. Yeah I would suggest you check out those gaming PC sites. They will get you a good system.
  9. What is your budget?
    I'd wait for sandy bridge, it is coming out jan11th
  10. okay thanks, Ibuypower seems to have the best prices do you know how good of a company they are though?
  11. They are legit. and pretty good, they run alot of contests, and I know a few winners, they say they work well. Be advised, they are shipping a LONG distance to wereever you live, and things happen... but you should be advised on all companys of that. They replace stuff, if you send it back. Their packaging it nice too.
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