Radeon HD5770 napoleon fix

When playing Napoleon with my new Radeon HD5770, after around 10-15 minutes the game freezes and you get a grey screen with black vertical lines.

This happens no matter what the graphics settings and does not happen in any other game including Empire Total War.

Checked the card temp - it is fine as is the CPU temp.

Spec is :-

Athlon X2 4400
Radeon HD5770
MSI on board sound
Windows 7 Pro 32

Have tried:-

a) new ATI drivers (had to roll these back to the default that came with the vard due to poor perfomance)

b) looking for Windows 7 driver for the MSI K8N (no success)

Any ideas?
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  1. Try turning on the V-Sync and see if it helps.
  2. Well, if your other games are fine then the game itself (napoleon) is the trouble...
  3. Yep it's the game Empire and Napolean both have issues.
    I have an oc'd 5850 and have problems with them.
  4. hmm,they both have few flickering issues with my 5970 but aside from that, i don't have other problems(like the ones that OP pointed out)
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