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Hello. I'm not sure if 'normal enthusiasts' know enough about technology to answer me. But I sure will ask anyway.

At work I've got a fancy modern wireless setup from Meru Networks. It usually works really well, but on one location it does not.

Using Wi-spy 2.4x I discovered that the siemens built heat and lighting control system is polluting pretty much any frequency from even before where channel one starts, and well past 2460Mhz

Does anyone know how I can reduce that noise pollution without having to shut down the cts system?
It generates over 30dbm of noise across the full available range.
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  1. Only 2 ways to block that signal.

    Shield the Siemens equipment better or turn it off. Since you probably can't do 2, you need to do 1. Once the signal leaves the sytem, there is no "radiation sponge" that you can use to absorb the signal in the room. You need to either have more shielding either around the equipment itself (aka a big metal box to put it in) or in the walls/ceiling it's in.
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