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Currently have an Intel G965 Express Chipset Family video adapter, Video Processor Intel GMA x3000 that is a DAC type-internal. I just bought a new Samsung monitor that has a DIV cord but due to current equiptment am using the old blue (analog) plug. My Win Experience came in 2+ points on graphics below all other scores. Using Win 7 Home Prem 64 bit on a 2.4 gHtZ Intel Core 2 with 4G of RAM & a 500G HD. Main circuitbiard is Intel DG965SS and have a Hauppague WinTV HVR-2250 installed . I do not use the computer for gaming. What would be a logical graphics upgrade for me to get?
Thank you
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  1. Thank you for the response. Checked out the 4350 at my local computer repair store (they also recommended it) but... it didn't fit well :cry: so, I ended up with a EVGA GT220 and all seems so far to be very well. :D
    Thank you again
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