Need some good help on upgrading my motherboard for crossfire

Need help on upgrading my desktop computer.

Radeon HD 6950 his 2gb
8gb kingson ram at 1600
corsair tx750 power supply
Phenom x4 955 black edition at 3.2ghz
Motherboard gigabyte 870a usb3

Okay everything is fine but I wanna change out my motherboard so I can crossfire another Radeon HD 6950 his 2gb.

Cam someone give a link on newegg to a motherboard that is very good and can crossfire 2x radeon hd 6950 his cards.

Will I need new thermal paste and anything else to assure me this setup will be fine.

I need a link again for a motherboard that can crossfire for around 150-170$$$
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  1. Can you recommend some good thermal paste as I believe i need for when I take cpu out.

    I think this paste will cool your cpu very well.
  3. Whacha need crossfire for on a 6950? Slightly improved FPS bragging rights? If you want quicker load times consider an SSD.
  4. I have extra cash so I wanna crossfire for skyrim
  5. its not gone double your fps!
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