SLOW/Faulty 840 Pro 256GB on M5A97 EVO R2.0

I just bought a 256GB 840 Pro from amazon, It arrived today and I connected it to my 2 week old M5A97 EVO R2.0 however AS SSD bench reports 430MB/write and 3MB/s read - HD Tune Pro reports that I am getting <2MB read speeds and also reports warning in the health status to say the UDMA CRC errors reporting numbers of 7000+

Is this a faulty drive? I think it must be as I have tried in different motherboard ports, tried different cables etc.

My old Intel SSDSA2M080G2GC works fine and gets approx 200MB/s without a problem.

This is my intel on AS SSD

Intel Anvil (AMD drivers)

Intel Anvil (Windows drivers - storageahci)

This is a spare drive - on the same cables on the same board.

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  1. Go to the Asus web site and take a look at all of the downloads for your motherboard. There are quite a few BIOS, chipset, driver, and SATA updates, patches, and fixes. Make sure you specify the correct version of your operating system and whether it is 32 or 64 bit before downloading.

    Since it is a new system any chance you are using Windows 8?
  2. Yeah I have tried all the usual stuff - driver etc, it's windows 8.

    i would understand if my problem was that I was getting 200MB/s and the drivers from AMD then fixed it and got me better but <10MB/s read seems very strange.
  3. There have been scattered reports of problems with Windows 8 and ssd's. Apparently Windows 8 does not always play nice with ssd's. The problems are not restricted to a particular brand or model.

    Your motherboard is equipped with an ASMedia SATA controller. There have been 3 SATA updates which included Window 8 updates. The most recent one was issued on the 5th of February:
  4. I bit the bullet because I was going to RMA my drive and went and bought another 840 Pro from a local retailer.

    This performed great I was getting approx 500Mb/s read/write out of the box.

    Thinking that it was just a bad first drive it prompted me to get a a firmware upgrade, after the reboot I was back to slow speeds again. So I decided to try Linux.

    I ran Ubuntu 12.10 off the CD and ran speed tests - both the drives are fine running at 560MB read and about 530MB write. I have even put them into raid and Ubuntu reports 1.1GB/s read speed and around 1GB/s write.

    The raid set-up doesn't seem to like windows 8 even though I have loaded the driver from a CD at install.

    I have secure wiped and set-up AHCI mode again as (separate drives) and I have just tried with Windows 7, same issue with slow speeds even with the chipset drivers from ASUS website. It seems like anything Windows on my motherboard on this firmware doesn't work but Linux is fine....

    Any ideas?
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