Screws with springs for gigabyte 8800 gt card

I lost the screws with springs that attach the fan to my gigabyte 8800 gt video card. Anyone know where i can find them? this is all i have found, will any of these work?
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  1. I have no idea how you lost your screws with springs, but check your manual and see if they mention anything about the size of the screws.
  2. i dont have the manual....would a hardware store sell them? or they specific to this particular card?
  3. Well that is sucky. I wouldn't recommend going to a Hardware Store to try and furnish a solution, sure the spring might fit, but what's the right tension in the spring? That's something that is factory tested to a "T". I would hate for you to do that and then SPROING, your friggen heatsink/fan flies off mid game.

    IMO, try calling gigabyte and seeing if you can order that part. Even if it's a few bucks, better than buying a new card and better than wondering if an outside solution is safe.
  4. Or just buy an aftermarket HSF like a Zalman VF900 which comes with screws and is a lot better than the original.
  5. u sure the vf900 fits the 8800 gt?
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