Samsung 840 Pro 128Gb or Corsair Force GS 128Gb

Hello, I'am undecided between the:

Samsung 840 Pro 128Gb:
Corsair Force GS 128Gb:

So, I have budget for either one of those, so which one am I better of, in terms of reliability and speeds of writes/reads.

Thanks for all the answers :)
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  1. Probably the SAMSUNG 840 pro, you should look at an OCZ Vertex 4 imo tho, more reliable, very competitive with those two, same price range, and 5 year warranty. I own one and I'm very happy with it, I had an 840 reg, not pro, but RMA'd it because of the issues I read about the memory controller and unreliability. Scores an 8.0 in Windows 8 index if that means anything to you :)
  2. Ok, thanks for the answer, I will look into the Vertex 4 aswell, but I'd like to hear some more opinions if possible :)
  3. WaterGun said:
    Ok, thanks for the answer, I will look into the Vertex 4 aswell, but I'd like to hear some more opinions if possible :)

    Definitely, goodluck in your search! :)
  4. Hands down the 840 Pro.
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Hands down the 840 Pro.

    Sorry for this ignorant question but, are you saying that the Vertex 4 is much better than the 840 Pro or the Corsair one or that the 840 Pro is much better than any of those? :p
  6. I Have a vertex , samsung 840 pro and a kingston hyper x and the samsung 840 pro outperforms them both.
  7. The Samsung 840 Pro is preferred over the Corsair Force GS. The Force GS is equipped with an older SandForce controller. SandForce has not introduced a new controller in over 2 years.

    The OCZ Vector rather than the Vertex 4 is the direct competitor to the Samsung 840 Pro. Samsung has a stellar track record in terms of quality, reliability, and performance. Part of that is due to the fact that Samsung does its own reseach and development and manufactures all of the ssd components and firmware used in their ssd's. OCZ have had more than their fair share of problems and issues.

    Modern 3rd generation SATA 3 6Gb/s solid state drives form a fairly tight performance cluster. A user would not normally notice any difference during typical everyday use. A user would have to run synthetic benchmarks in order to measure those small differences. The synthetic benchmarks were designed to grossly exaggerate those minor differences. In addition they do not always accurately represent real world use.

    I maintain the ssd database listed in the sticky at the very top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    Scroll down to the brands and models you are interested in and follow the links to the technical reviews.
  8. Yea ok, I think that the 840 Pro its my best bet for now, any more opinions ? Thanks.
  9. Go with the 840 Pro, it is a great drive. Samsung manufactures all major components in-house, so they can verify quality of all those parts.
  10. I bought the Corsair Force GS 128Gb Sata3 this weekend. I will write a review on this page in the next week.

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