Sabertooth P67 B3

This was my first "Builder" from July 28, 2008 - - so, I basically just replaced the old guts with:

M.B. - - ASUS Sabertooth P67 B3
C.P.U. - - iE 2500K (LGA 1155 Socket),
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus,
(1) EVGA E-GeForce 8800GT,
(2) 8-Gb. Corsair Vengance 1600's.
(2) W.D. Hard Drives, (1) 500-Gb's & (1) 1.5-Tb's,
(1) Seagate 500-Gb's H.D. as well.

I believe two of those are spinning @ 5,600 & the other @ 7,200-R.P.M.'s.

I've attached the 1.5-Tb to the SATA 6-Gb/Sec. port to serve as the Master (or so my intentions were) & the others also in 6-Gb's slots as well. COULD this be what's causing the following (?):

I have plugged everything in & there is definitely power to the system. . .

On the first boot-up, due to the Red Light & a very loud beep, I shut the system down immediately (5-Sec's MAX). I've cleaned & reapplied the Silver Thermal Compound twice now, checked all fans (working just fine). I've also gone back, disconnected & reconnected all SATA & other connections 3 times as well. By the way my Vid Card's fan is operating just fine too.

The last 2 times I've tried to boot-up - - I'm getting the Red C.P.U. (L.E.D.) warning light @ a constant on, but no beep - - that is of course, after I replaced the Silver Thermal the first time. However, it's almost as if my P.C. doesn't know that the Monitor & peripherals are even plugged in as there are no Monitor, nor Mouse &/or Keyboard being detected.

How can I diagnose my situation with no Peripherals or Monitor? Maybe I'll have better luck fixing the leaky Bathroom Sink before Wifey gets home. L.o.L.!

Seriously though - - please E-Mail if any thoughts as this has been really frustrating. It'd be MUCH appreciated!
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  1. Thank you Rolli59. Unforuntately I had done all of that prior to your answer & it turns out it was a bad M.B. right out of the box. I had MicroCenter swap it out for me with a new one & everything's booting just fine. I've loaded Vista 64 first & will upgrade to Win. 7 (64 Pro), when I'm done. They said that for a 1st-Timer (build-your-own) it was in the top 10 they've ever seen, so I guess I did something write. L.o.L.! :D

    Thanks again for your "System won't boot" and "no video output" checklist though.
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