Pc new build startup problem

Hey guys, only really getting into the whole PC and gaming scene, so basically i'm absolutely clueless!!

This is the first time i actually attempt this myself.

Installed all my hardware, very carefully, according to user guide.Don't exactly know what's the next correct step to follow after this as i get a bit lost with all the terms and acronyms.

This is what i did:(with a clean formatted drive)
*started up
went into setup(bios), boot tab, set cd-rom as primary boot
*loaded windows 7 x64 and booted from disk, after i saved,exited & restarted.
*installed completely(all is well)
*after finish, inserted motherboard support disc
*installed all drivers then restarted after prompt.
Then it says, directly after restart:

ECHO is off
Welcome to ASUS Motherboard Make Disk for Dos menu
1) Intel 32-bit AHCI/Raid Driver Disk
2) Intel 64-bit AHCI/Raid Driver Disk
3) JMB36X 32-bit AHCI Driver Disk
4) JMB36X 64-bit AHCI Driver Disk
5) FreeDOS command prompt
Please choose 1 - 5:

*If i choose 1-4 it asks to enter floppy disc. i don't have a floppy disk drive. I also don't know any DOS prompts.

Do i need to get a floppy drive or how can i fix this?? This is probably a stupid question, but as i don't know to much about this, i'm completely stumped!!

Asus maximus III GENE
Intel i5 760 quad
4gb 1600Mhz
Geforce gts450
Samsung 80gb sata drive

Tried with Windows 7 64-bit & Windows XP(Full format & fresh install with both)

Can anyone please help??!
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  1. After a fresh install do not auto install all the drivers on the Asus disk. When your installation is complete and your computer has rebooted for the last time go to the start menu on the bottom of the screen and left click it. When you get the pop up menu go to my computer - RIGHT click it and go to device manager, left click that. Device manager will open and you will only need to install the device drivers for the ones with a yellow warning and/or question mark beside them. Insert your Asus disk. When it autoplays just close it out. Now in device manager right click on a device with the ? or yellow warning on it and click on the little triangle. Pick the device and click on update driver. click "Browse my computer for driver software". In the pop up window select my computer and then select D:// (or whatever drive letter denotes you cd/dvd drive) - then click OK and next and it should find the driver it needs. Sometimes you will have to take a few more steps to get closer to the driver you need. If you don't like that approach after doing up to looking at device manager you can see which devices need drivers and go the Asus website and go to the drivers for you mobo and select them there. They are usually .EXE files so you double click on them and they self extract and install.
    Or at least install the drivers one by one from the disk and don't install any of the utilities.
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