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GTX 460 vs 5770

I am currently running a 9800GTX+ (512MB) and was thinking it was a a good time to upgrade.

I have upgraded nearly every other component in my PC (save for case, PSU, and DVD).

Currently running a Phenom II X4 955 (at 3.4Ghz, stock fan), DDR3-1600 (8-8-8-24) on a Asus 880G mobo.

I have Sigma Shark 630W PSU, so I know it candle both cards (no sli/corssfire).

ASUS Top 460GTX 1GB is $210 shipped.
PowerColor 5770 PCX 1GB is $140 shipped before an 20$ rebate (so $120 after rebate).

I know the 460 is faster than the 5770, but is it worth the $70 ($90 after rebate) price difference?

And the 5770 will suck up less power and is much tidier than my current card or the 460, which means cooler PC and less loaded PSU (last longer), and I can use the $70-90 towards a new GPU down the road (or possible corssfire with an upgraded PSU).

Gaming at 1080p (1920 by 1080).
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  1. I would go for the GTX460 because I feel that Nvidia's driver support is better.
  2. Ok, I'll splurge for a 460GTX

    Now should I go for a cheaper (around $210) stock 460 or one of the more OCed version that run around $230? I am worried the OC'ed version would have shorter life spans, I typically want my GPUs to last at least 3 years.
  3. ct1615 said:
    the stock ones are just fine. the card is easy to OC anyways if you want more performance out of it.

    I am not sure how this works for Nvidia drivers, but OCing ATI card beyond their factory/Bios settings messes with temperature state switching (card do not switch to lower temps when in light or idle use).

    So by choosing a factory OC card I get the over cloak for 3D applications but lower cloaks to save power during video and idle.
  4. What about the 768MB versions of the 460 GTX? I see a few that are 35-40$ cheaper than the 1gb version.
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    The 768 mb version is good, in the charts , its unfair to compare a super overclocked 1 gb with a normal 768 mb.! Both should be over clocked or normal.

    If u want to save, go for the 768 mb, its definitely better than a 5770, and there isnt a big difference between the 1 gb and 768 mb.
  6. I went with gigabyte's 768MB 460GTX in the end, it's slightly OC'ed, and at $170 shipped was very tempting. I think it will keep my Phenom II X4 working hard :)]

    Ty all for the answers!
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