Ati 5970 fan speed

what is the fan speed of the ati 5970 at 100%?
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  1. Umm, the answer is 100%? They usually do not tell you how many RPM it runs, but I'm estimating at least 2500 RPM.
    Looking at here:, it says it runs at least 2460 at maximum.
  2. Don't know for sure what exactly is the fan speed at 100%, but why you asking this?
    Are you want to pump your card fan to 100%? it can shortened the card lifespan...
  3. Cheers for the reply it just sounds way faster.
  4. Look in CCC I believe it will tell you the RPM's. anyway anything over 42-45% is too loud.
  5. Gee I have a 5970 and the fan will make me turn the volume up on the TV.
    If you don't believe me get a plane ticket to Detroit and I'll pick you up at the airport.
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