Doesn't boot when power hasn't been unplugged

whenever i forget to unplug my computer after i shut it down, instead of booting normaly i have a longer beep, and nothing is working (screen also stays black). It finally starts after a few reboots or directly if unplug/replug it....
Does it look like a PSU dying or could that be something else?
PSU is a Zalman 460w from like 3-4 years ago and system is e6750 @ 3.2ghz + 8800GT
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  1. Check the motherboard manual for the beep codes.
  2. The chances are that it is the power supply that is failing. If you are very unlucky it is the motherboard that is failing but you should try a new power supply first.
  3. check for bad capacitors on the motherboard and powersupply. how to check for bad caps on motherboard:
    if you need help on chekcing for bad caps in the psu you can visit my website :)
  4. Thanks already, but I already checked for beep codes in the manual and only 1 long beep isn't in there (all errors are supposed to be at least 2 beeps). Capacitors are looking good, and I never experience a single problem if the power was switched off before the pc startup... psu dying still seems like the most plausible, I unfortunately don't have one spare to check. I can still use the pc like that as it's not a very big problem, but I'm afraid there a risk for the rest of the components
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