My 2TB WD was not safely removed dont want to lose my data

I have a 2TB WD external hard drive it was not safely removed from my laptop now it says it has to be formatted before use i dont want to lose all my data its just under 2 TB of video i rely on this hard drive for all over my military deployments and i really dont have the money to send it off can someone help please
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  1. Try partition recovery software:
  2. In the future, you should learn to remove your hard drive safely no matter how urgent your situation is.
    However, now, do not format it, if you still want restore all your 2TB data back, and run an external hard drive recovery freeware that can do its utmost to restore all your inaccessible data back. You should have confidence in this freeware since it has recovered all data of my friend from an inaccessible flash drive. I trust it will work well on your drive. You could download it here:
    PS: In the future, you also should learn to back up your data all the time.
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