Asus P8P67LE doesn't power on/boot up at all.

Hello all,

As the title says, that's my problem. I trying to upgrade my mobo, cpu, and mem all at once here. I'm an experienced gamer/enthusiast but I'm stuck here. I have everything unplugged from the mobo except for one stick of RAM and and power cable for the CPU and mobo power. I have the CPU (Intel 2600K LGA1155) installed correctly as well since it only goes one way.

Nothing looked damaged when I unpack it. One thing it does do that is strange is some of the fans will slowly start to turn. First the cpu fan, then the case fans, then the fan for the PS trys to get going but never does. Put my old mother board back in and everything runs fine with my old system so my PS isn't the problem. Tried clearing the CMOS by moving the jumper but that didn't seem to do anything at all. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. From what you've said, it appears the board is defective. Have you tried it with everything outside of the case... So nothing can be grounding out? (I once added one extra standoff by accident, and it was grounding the board.)
  2. Hey Clutch,

    Thanks for your response.

    I tried what you suggested with the board completely out of the case and resting in the cardboard box that the board came in. Hooked power to it, and the front panel switch connectors and still nothing. The only thing that does happend is I see the green LED is on which shows power to board. The other thing that still happens is the fans will slowly start to turn after about 5-mins of "warmup."

    I checked and triple checked that all the necessary power cords are hooked up properly to it including the power to the CPU. Tried again clearing the CMOS per instrusctions that came with the board and that literally did nothing. No change at all.

    At this point I've RMA'ed the board and sent it back to the store I ordered it from. They are gonna ship me a new one as soon as they recieve the bad one. Does this sound like a bad board from the manufacturer? I'll try again in a few days once I get the new board. Thanks again.

    Oh I made sure the CPU and RAM are compatable with the board. There's no doubt the other parts compatibility.
  3. IF the RAM is bad then it won't post, so try (1) stick in the 2nd DIMM slot closest to the CPU. Failure try the other stick.

    Also, IMO don't connect ANY Front Panel connections. Use a screwdriver to short the PW+/PW- (ground).

    Further, IF you have an Aftermarket HSF then try the Stock HSF. You don't want any e.g. Metal to MOBO contact - Metal Backplate -> MOBO or Metal Standoff -> MOBO.
  4. Hey Jaq,

    Thanks for the heads up. If I have any more problems with the next board I'll try switching out the RAM. Also, I was using the stock heatsink that came with the new processor. No custom heat sink during the entire process.

    I've heard about the screwdriver trick with PW+/PW-. Are those pins located where the Front Panel "adapter" plugs into? How do I make sure to hit the right pins? Thanks.
  5. They're labeled on to MOBO and in the manual, the circuit only needs to be closed for a faction of a second. The quickest is to look at your Q-Connector {PWR Ground} locations, rest the screwdriver head on both contacts - ON. NewEggTV (YouTube) part 2 has a section on this.

    Typically in the bottom row:
    x x - - - x x - x x
    | IDE LED | - - - | Power | - | Reset |
  6. Thanks a ton Jaq,

    Thanks for showing me the screwdriver trick. I have a feeling this will really help solve any problems I'm having. Can't wait try all the things I've learned once the replacement board arrives. And thanks everyone who contributed and offedered advice. You guys rock.

    I'll post again here how things work out once the board arrives. That way anyone can see how to fix the problem if they are experiencing the same thing. Peace out.
  7. OK, so I received the new board in. I put the CPU in the socket, applied thermal paste, and put the stock heat sink on. I decided to take one step at a time here and tried a boot up with the new board in the cardboard box it came in. Hooked power to it and then performed Jaq's screwdriver trick to turn it on.

    Unfortunately same result before. I can "hear" the mobo turn on, but none of the fans turn. The board simply doesn't come alive as it were. What still happens is the power supply fan and CPU fan will slowly start to turn after the board as been on a couple of minutes.

    At this point I'm lead to believe that its actually a bad processor not the board itself or grounding issues. Does this sound correct? Thanks so much everyone.
  8. I assume ALL power is connected: 24-pin main, 8-pin CPU, and the 4/6/8/etc-pin to the GPU(s). It's rather rare that a CPU is bad, and if it is then 9.9/10 your PSU killed it.

    My next guess is that you have a bad or under powered PSU, try another PSU. The minimum PSU you need is probably 600W with an 'atypical' GPU.

    Q - What GPU?
    Q - What PSU?
  9. My power supply is a 700w OCZ. Power supply still powers my old setup just fine.

    My video card is XFX Radeon 5870. And yes I do hook up the two external power connectors to that as well.

    I did some more research at the retailer's website and unfortunately there are a lot of negative reviews on this board now just recently about ppl having the exact same issues as me. Some posters have RMA'd the board 4 times and no luck. So there seems to be a significant amount of failure rate with this specific board.

    See here :
  10. I read ALL of the reviews some rated it (1 star) and then went on to say it was an excellent MOBO.

    IF someone has 2, 3 & 4 'DOA' MOBO's my first thoughts are: 1. Other bad component(s), 2. Inexperienced 'builder'. I have never had 2 DOA MOBO's - ever after 100's of builds. I've had a series of Gigabyte UD3R's with a confirmed engineering problem with SSD + RAID, but they all booted.

    BTW - OCZ makes horrible and coil whiney PSU's.

    Pull the GPU and reseat (1) stick of RAM - try to boot. Failure swap the RAM.

    Q - What PCIe slot are you using for the HD 5870?
    Q - What RAM? Need a link

    reviews NewEgg ->

    Reviews - I can smell a moron or someone with an agenda a mile away, I look only at Verified Owners and then I look for the specific problems (theme of the problem) to whether it's a true MOBO issue or some other component(s).

    Example - Lord Majestic @ NewEgg
    Double boots (posts) each time PC starts
    Bad PCI Express 16 - No Video - monitor shows nothing.
    Bad Memory Slots - None of the memory slots would recognized the memory.

    Probable issues: 1. Bad GPU, 2. Under powered PSU, 3. Was the __-pins connected to the GPU<->PSU, 4. Short via HSF {metal backplate} grounding/shorting DIMM and possibly other pathways, 5. Bad PSU fried the MOBO/RAM/GPU (often the case with multiple 'DOA MOBOs').

    For clarity 2, 3 & 4 'DOA' MOBO's - the MOBO 'WAS FINE' the USER KILLED ALL THE MOBO's with a BAD COMPONENT 9/10 the PSU IS/WAS BAD.
  11. "BTW - OCZ makes horrible and coil whiney PSU's."

    It may be horrible and whiney but it does its job just fine powering my old

    "Pull the GPU and reseat (1) stick of RAM - try to boot. Failure swap the RAM."

    I did that. No change at all with booting up the board. I even tried booting it in
    the cardboard box it came in to be absolutely sure it wasn't artifically grounded.

    "Q - What PCIe slot are you using for the HD 5870?"

    The PCI-e slot closest too the CPU.

    "Q - What RAM? Need a link"

    Here's the link for the RAM:

    Too reiterate: when I connect power to the board and use the screwdriver technique to turn it on it takes a good min or two for the cpu fan and powersupply fan to slowly start turning.

    Normally both fans should come alive right away at full speed. This does not happen at all.
  12. Try a new/different PSU; size ->
  13. Best answer
    Better and Cheaper $75 CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 -
  14. Hey Jaq,

    Wanted to say a huge thanks for all your help. I got the PSU at Best Buy today after work and low and behold the board works now. My whole system went together without a hitch and updating and install stuff as I type this. Thanks again so much.
  15. Best answer selected by Vantil.
  16. At least NOW you know to read the reviews like I do.

    VERY GLAD TO HEAR! - ENJOY!!! :sol:
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