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Hey i have an Acer Aspire 3000 notebook with a SIS M760GX 64mb graphics card. The laptop doesnt have a battery so it needs to be plugged in at all times. My dad who gave me the laptop claims it overheats because it has no battery, but i dont understand how that would work. But when it overheats a failsafe kick in which shuts it down automaticly. after investigation i found many have the same problem. Ive tried using cooling pads but all 5 of them i have doesnt have any effect. Right now i have my pc propped up on a stand to allow airflow and i have a double window fan running on full blast behind it as well as table top fans on either side of it. using speedfan i found out my average core temp without the fans is 90c and with them it hovers around 72c until i play a game then it spikes up to 85-90c again. this issue didnt bother me till i started playing games like morrowind and sid miers pirates. While i would play, my graphics card would crash and i would see only theese rainbow-like lines on the screen the same Colours as what was on the screen when the card crashed. After days of tweaking and reading your forums i was able to slow this down (went from crashing every ten minutes to every hour or two) But it still remains annoyingly frequent. Im still unsure of the exact reason but i feel this sounds like the graphics card is overheating(which the resultes of my tinkering has shown by increasing its play time) Ive searched online to find a solution but found out that my laptop has an extremly small and useless fan in it that cannot be upgraded. And i also found the graphics card cant be upgraded either. So im stuck trying to figure out other ways to keep my computer cool. Speedfan is usless to me as it wont recgonize my fan, and even with basically a triage of air conditioners running full blast on it i still suffer from it overheating. Is their any programs that reduces strain on the graphics card to keep it cool? I took my laptop to many places and they all say other than no battery the parts are all good and the laptop shouldnt be having issues. could it be the missing battery causing problomes, and if so, how? Being an old laptop, acer refeuses to help and i drastically need it. I cant afford a new laptop and i am an official morrowind addict, so it really hurts not being able to play :cry: . Please help me with alternative messures and programs to cool my pc and graphics card or i will be stuck keeping my windows open all winter just to be able to play games. Please note that ANY program involving the built in fan is useless to me, and im guessing upping the fan wont help since two twenty inch fans and a double window fan isnt helping. Is their any programs to divert the strain 3d graphics has on the card to keep it cooler?? if not my last choice would be finding someone who can tear apart my computer to cut a bigger fan hole and a bigger graphics card slot, and im not to keen on mutilating my baby. I dont want to be stuck doing what my friend has to do with his laptop( same specs and brand) He keeps his in a small mini fridge and runs an external monitor, mouse and keyboard out of tightly fitting holes he drilled it to keep his acer at an even 50c. the only benifit of this is not having to get up to grab a drink because his fridge is his desk :na: PLEASE HELP ME, IT WOULD BE MOST APPRETIATED. Its been over two years and nobody has any ideas other than buying a new laptop
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  1. Hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete and check the task manager. Are there any unusually high numbers for CPU usage, especially when the computer is idle? And what are the temps when you aren't running any programs?
    BTW I feel your pain I love TES...
  2. OK it is time that you got your hands dirty and cleaned the dust from out of your laptop. Also replace the ancient stock compound with arctic silver 5 to help temps. If you do it right then you should be fine. Be sure to clean the heatsink and thoroughly clean every thing. That is how you get most laptops working.
  3. hey i tried cleaning it many times, and even got it professionally clean, and after checking pc usage its consistently low (ranges from 1-35%). I know the laptop is totally clean, i make sure i keep it and all the fans i run on it clean and dust free. im still stumped. my average core temp without added fans is 90 degrees Celsius with only the Speed Fan program running. With the fans on and no programs running it hovers around 72c. (sometimes goes down to 60c) As soon as i run morrowind tho it begins a slow temp increase to around 95c. I noticed the graphics card crashes at that temp during gameplay and the laptop shuts itself down automatically at 100c. The main thing ive been doing is looking for programs to reduce strain on the system to try to stop it from heating up so much, but im starting think its a pointless search tho, nobody seems to have heard of programs like this. As far as i know from what by dad has told me, he already got arctic silver 5 paste applied while it was being cleaned when he first got the laptop from his boss. Is it possible it needs to be reapplied?
  4. I have had the same problem with my Alienware. It just would get so hot and turns itself off. After countless hours of trying to figure out the problem I just had to send it in. I ask the co. what the problem was and how they fixed it in the future and said it was some sort of PSU problem with the laptop. They said much more power was getting in then it needed, hence the temp were getting crazy high.

    Hope it help! (i know it didint but idk) =) goodluck!
  5. hey i went out and purchased some arctic 5 paste and applied it. It only reduced the core temp by 5 degrees. It still shuts off, and ive tried getting Acer to help many times but just get excuses why they cant help. One representative said they could get it fully repaired and looked at but it would cost me well over $150. Plus i feel realy uneasy about sending my laptop through the mail, its like my baby. Is their possibly any way i could go about checking on my own if its a Power Supply Unit issue? Ive tried everything and while i stopped getting the graphics crash with weird lines on the screen, my pc now resets itself way more often. I was getting an hour of gameplay before but now im lucky to get ten minutes again before my laptop shuts itself down. When i load it up again it takes around ten minutes before it goes down from 95 degrees Celsius back to its average 70c. Does anyone know what the average temp of an Acer Aspire 3000 so i know what my goal in reducing the temp is. Im a determined and stubborn man and i will keep trying anything untill i can get it working, so i will gladly take and try any ideas to reduce temp.
  6. Hey thanks to everyone who has tried to help me. The problem still isnt fixed but i found a way to reduce the temp by 5 degrees. its so simple im actually embarrassed. I changed my power settings from home and desk to minimum battery via power options and reduced my screen brightness. Im still on the lookout for more ways to reduce temp but i got it to 65-70c. After looking i found i still have 15-20 degrees more to reduce to keep my laptop safe. It still shuts off at fifteen minutes of gaming tho.
  7. Thanks again for the help, after getting the idea to look into the power supply issue i looked up different ways to reduce the power and it worked :bounce: After two hours of gaming i stopped to check the temp and its core temp was only at 57c. Actually the core temp was less than Temp.1. Im not sure what Temp.1 means when using the speed fan program but ussually it was lower than the core temp. Temp.1 was at 66c. Thanks everyone for the help and Thank a million to amitb101 for suggesting it may be a psu issue. Thanks to your suggestion my max temp during intense gaming was only 65c :D
  8. Glad it worked out for you :)
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