How sould I oc my ram


Im im totally new to overclocking, and trying to read myself into it. But having trouble finding the right awnsers.

First of all my pc:

Moederbord : MSI P55M-GD45 (MS-7588)
Chipset : Intel P55
Processor : Intel Core i3 530 @ 2933MHz
Fysiek Geheugen : 10240MBDDR3-SDRAM (kingston value 1 2048 ddr1333 and 2 4 gb ddr3 1333)
Videokaart : ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Harde Schijf : Western Digital WD5000AAKS-22V1A0 ATA Device (500GB)
Monitor Type : Samsung SyncMaster - 27 inches
Netwerkkaart : Realtek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Besturingssysteem : Windows 7 Ultimate Professional Media Center 6.01.7600 (64-bit)
DirectX : Versie 11.00
Windows Performance Index : 5.9 AAN 7.9

Sorry for that beiing dutch, but Im sure you guys know whats what.

I want to have a stable oc, and I will start soon with testing. I want to try getting my 530 4000MHz,(if its possible) only problem im facing that I dont know what to do with my ram, I read alot of stuff about FSB:DRAM Ratio and putting the voltage up, but I just dont what Dram frequency I sould work to. And what timings I need. I read that 1:1 ratio is the best. So I was quite shocked when CPU-Z gave me: FSB:DRAM 4:20. CPU-Z also tells me my DRAM frequency = 668.4 MHZ

Now what I dont get is how I sould try to get it, and what will be the bottleneck in my overclocking process. I thought it would be my relative cheap value ram, but I just dont know what ratio you sould have with my setup and what your processor and Ram clock speeds have to be in order to work well.

Also a little thing, does it matter in what slots I put my ram? or in what order?

Can anyone try to help me get on my way with the overclocking?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. cpuz gives the ram fsb at half the actual speed, so 668 is about the same as 1333, which is normal for your board chipset. You can try setting the ram speed manually to 667 (or 1333, whichever setting option you have) and overclock the cpu by about 20-25% and see if it holds without a cpu voltage increase. Intel recommends no more than 1.65 volts for your ram. Trying to use only 3 of the 4 slots may give you issues. I would remove the single value stick, and you should have no issues. 8 gb is plenty.
  2. Thanks that info helped alot!

    When I would overclock my cpu %29 I would be on 3.800mhz (guess by reading your reply 4000mhz is not sutch a good idea) sould I also overclock my ram 29% so that is 861 Mhz or can I leave it that way it is? 861 * 2= 1722 mhz, looks like alot for my ram.
  3. Leave the ram speed at 667 using the manual setting in the bios. Then when you increase the cpu fsb by the percentage I recommended, then the ram speed should also increase to about 1600. For example, if your cpu fsb is 200 in the bios, try 240.
  4. looks like it doesnt like fare well for that cpu in p55 boards--better in h55 boards

    have a read here
  5. Why would you want to overclock your ram????

    The best configuration is dual channel which means 2 sticks or 4 sticks of memory. For some reason your running 3 sticks which is only single channel configuration.

    Read motherboard manual and you might learn something.
  6. I already took out 1 stick out since o1die told me about it, also looked it up, so its dual channel now. Still im looking for how to know what timings to chose and what mhz they sould be on if I have my cpu overclocked at a certain percentage,

    And why I would want to overclock my ram? because I doubt that If i leave it unchanged it will work with my processor beiing at a different speed?
  7. really depends on your ram -i can get my patriots to 1740mhz at 8-8-8-24 and 1t command rate

    why not underclock your ram to begin with and find out how high your cpu can go then do your ram
  8. You use the setting and percentage overclock I recommended, and your ram will be running within it's specs. I always set my ram below spec before starting to overclock the cpu.
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