Hard Drive - RAID 0 or SATA3 ?

Hey all just a short one. I am building a new i7 and i am wanting to get the speediest HDD (not ssd)

I am wondering whether to get a caviar black 1tb or 2* 500gb WD greens.

Cheers! :hello:
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    Spintpoint F3 ~ 69.99

    Spinpoints are like all we recommend. there are also 500 gig versions
  2. i am australian and i shop at, theres only spinpoint 1tb f3 SATAII with half the cache.. ide rather go caviar.. which would go faster, sata 3 or raid 0 sataII?
  3. The Spinpoint like atotalnoob said is a really great drive for the price. But what price can you get that 1tb black? or those 2 500gb green drives?

    The reason for the F3's are better is the F3's have 500gb platters while the WD drives (Black and Green) have a 320gb platter size, so you won't see a HUGE difference but it is faster. Plus the F3 is cheaper MSRP wise. Another thing, this way you don't misunderstand, the SATA 6 versions of the WD Blacks all have 500gb platters. But the price just isn't justified when the F3 is the same stats for cheaper.

  4. Wrong... Cache hardly makes the difference, I'm just going to let you know right now SATA 3 and RAID 0 is completely difference. RAID 0 is the setting the drives are in, SATA 3 is the interface of the drive....,1557.html
  5. hmm, I was thinking he meant "should I buy a sata 3 drive, or two sata 2...." odd questions but...
  6. Atotalnoob said:
    hmm, I was thinking he meant "should I buy a sata 3 drive, or two sata 2...." odd questions but...

    Total noob is right, im wondering whether sata3 has faster read/write speed than 2 sata 2's
  7. alot of SATA 3 drives clock slower then SATA 2, I think it is a thing were you just need to wait....
  8. Ohh... Well... Haha, When you said "cache size is half, I'd rather go with the black" I thought you meant because the Cache size is bigger so it's better. I just wanted to notify you that that isn't always the case.
  9. I feel like an idiot for saying this, but I don't even know exactly when the cache does, I am assuming it is like a "waiting area" for it to go the CPU/RAM...? or something along those lines... maybe something like the cache on CPUs, were it is used for instructions, or holding data....

    I feel like an idiot.. =p
  10. Raid 0 should be faster. I haven't seen any reviews yet that actually show a data transfer rate increase for Disk drives. I still believe the Western Digital VelociRaptor 10,000rpm drives will out perform all the other, (not SSD of course) disk drives.
  11. Well WD Velcioraptor is good... But it's not worth the cost straightup... I have one I regret it, as it's not THAT much faster than RAID F3's even though RAID F3's are cheaper.
  12. But it's faster and that's what he's looking for. Just think of the performance booster if he put a couple of those in raid 0. That would be pretty fast. Then he can get your spinpoint for storage.
  13. A single 150gb is 150$... That is 2 Samsung F3's right there. Or 1 SSD and an F3. Meaning one A-Data S599 64gb (100$ on newegg) + a 50$ 500gb F3.
  14. I'm with azn, 10k RPM drives aren't worth it.
  15. kk ive come to what i think is a conclusion, 2* 1tB Spinpoint f3's in RAID 0, which costs only 20$ more than a single caviar black 1tB. also, on the note of 10000rpm drives, they're out of my price range - *HDD must be <150*
  16. oo guys, just a quickie, im thinking of getting 6870 crossfire.. ive seen everyone on youtube getting ex. a asus 6870 and a sapphire 6870 ... do you have to do this because of drivers or something or can i simply get 2* HIS 6870's?
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  18. The brand is your choice, I'd get, personally the one with the best warranty, if they have the same, I'd go for clockrate, then price.
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