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Asus EAH5850 idle temps

Hey, I have an EAH5850, and my old one idled at 32c with 64F ambient temps, but I had to rma that one. My new one idles at 41c with 64F ambient, and I know that's well within ok temps, but I was wondering if that's okay for idle temps.
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  1. That's not bad at all. What are your load temps?
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    that's pretty cool temp at idle, so don't worry about that... :)
  3. Maybe your using different drivers with your new card, Drivers 10.5 to 10.8 increased the idle clocks and so increased the idle temps by roughly 8C
  4. load temps are about 60 and I'll take care of that for you dipankar :)
  5. I have an Asus 5850 Direct Cu that runs the same as yours, 42 idle and 61 load. It's been this way ever since I've had the card as it's default clocks are 400/1000 @ idle.
  6. My primary card is generally 39-42, secondary card idles at 34, but under load they both are around 60C +/- 5 or so.
  7. I appreciate this guys, Thanks a ton!
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    @omgfatal check your PM.

    If I have some time after work I'll run re5 at the settings you mentioned, no promises though... :kaola:
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