BIOS Thinks USB Flash Drive is a Hard Drive

My BIOS is set to boot first from a USB flash drive (then from an optical drive, then from a hard drive.)

However, when I insert a bootable USB flash drive, my computer fails to boot from it. By accessing my BIOS I discovered that it considers my USB flash drive to be a hard drive, instead of a "removable device".

Any way to work around this? I already have the most recent version of my BIOS.
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  1. During my research for this question I learned that booting from a USB flash drive (UFD) can be a problem. Apparently, there is no standard accepted way for a BIOS to recognize and boot from a bootable UFD.

    One solution is to recognize a bootable UFD as a hard drive, giving you the opportunity to temporarily switch the order of bootable hard drives in the BIOS. Other computers (e.g., Dell) provide the ability to press F12 at bootup to choose the bootable device

    Does this make sense to you?
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