HDD vs SSD for second hard drive?

I built my gaming computer about a year ago and bought a 120 GB SSD for it. That has quickly filled up and I now can only have a few games installed at a time. I need a new hard drive, but am stuck between buying this HDD or buying a similarly priced SSD (probably 120 GB).

What would you recommend if I plan on putting some music, games, and maybe jus at a little not of video.
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  1. If it's not going to be the boot drive, there's no point in paying for an SSD when you can get a much higher-capacity HDD a lot cheaper, and capacity seems to be an important factor in your case.

    If you bought another 120GB SSD, it too would soon start to fill up and you will wish you'd bought a 1TB HDD instead for half the price.
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