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So I have two Windows 7 Enterprise machines that were created from images that when you log into them take 10 minutes to log in. I found however that if you shake the mouse around during the login, the process takes the usual minute or so. If I stop shaking, the process goes back to being slow again. Any thoughts? just really odd... Other machines made from the same images do not seem effected.
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  1. " Other machines made from the same images do not seem effected."

    Is this with the same mouse....? the only thing I could think of is your idle DPI on your mouse is set to like 6544654168765454billion, and chewing some cpu.. but when the mouse is used it uses default DPI settings... I have seen that happen once before... but it didn't effect the start up...

    Could also be a corrupt or out of data driver trying to install through the log in process.. try reloading the mouse driver if you can, or try using a different mouse.

    Windows optional updates... randomly for one of my units.. it picked up that I was using a sidewinder.. and installed it like after I have been using it for 6 months... the mouse worked fine before hand... but after the update was installed I was able to use the sidewinder client to mousebind easier... Just a thought.

  2. What mouse are u using Silvarna?
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