Is my psu strong enough to dual sli GTX 465

I was thinking about upgrading my pc since I'm not getting the performance I would like to from it.
My rig:
i5 760 @ 3 ghz
8 gb's corsair 1066 mhz ddr3
biostar t55 mobo
gtx 465
antec 900 case
1 dvd-rw
1 wd green model hdd
750 watt antec psu

So anyways I was wondering if I had enough power to SLI or not.

Thanks for helping me
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  1. A 750w PSU should be enough, Guru 3D reckoned on only needing a 650w PSU.
  2. Are you sure because I just looked on Newegg's psu calc and it said over 1000 watts
  3. Okay I believe you now, thanks I will get a second one once I find a good deal on it
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