Whats the Best CPU/MB/GC combo for $350.00 ?

Building a gaming rig for my friend who's on a tight budget.If you know of any good deals on CPUs ,motherboards and graphic cards that are compatible i would like to hear em. What you would buy ? Thanks for any suggestions
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  1. Check out neweggs DYI combos.
  2. That is a really tight budget, I would really recommend saving more if you want to be gaming.

    I can see you getting some mainstream stuff for that price, but nothing nice.
  3. Basicly he has a 600.00 budget for a new PC ,he owns a 7 year old Dell but i figured i would just use his old monitor/keyboard his power supply is probably a fire hazard and wouldn't handle a new GC anyway.I'll probably buy AMD / ATI being a bit cheaper.
  4. check out this link ....just what i needed ... Thanx for the help !

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