[Solved] Can't boot win 7 or access bios with ssd


I have a 64 gb M4 ssd.
I had win 8 and installed win 7 using usb, and on the win 7 install wizard I also deleted all partitions on the ssd so I installed win 7 with no partitions beside its own.

The install process rebooted the PC and it was stuck at detecting data drives. It detected none.
I have a cd rom connected via sata but it and the ssd didn't show.
I removed the ssd and it sees the cd rom. Re plugged ssd and it won't detect the cd rom or the ssd.
Another thing that happens with the ssd installed is the inability to access the bios or boot menu. It's stuck. Without the ssd I can access both.

I removed the ssd again, installed in my brother's win 7 machine and windows detected it and showed its partition with the win 7 install inside.

So why does the ssd make my computer not boot or detect other (cd rom) sata devices, and isn't detected by itself. What's different about my pc, on which win 8 was working fine just before I installed win 7.
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  1. Fixed.
    Problem was that the SSD was connected to Sata port no. 4/5/6 and not 0.
    Port 0 is inaccessible on my small motherboard because of the big GPU. I removed the GPU (used builtin instead), connected the SSD to the port 0, Windows loaded and completed the installation and then I reverted it to the previous port and it still works.
    It's weird because I never had to use port 0 before.
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