[Other Components] how can I reset Print Server DLink DP-301P+?

Hi all,

I have a Print Server D-Link DP-301P+

But I accidentally disabled the TCP/IP Protocol, so I can't access the Print Server now. There are other protocol though, like NetBEUI, AppleTalk. But I don't know how to use it.

Usually hardware like this has a reset button, but unfortunately this one doesn't.

So is there a way to reset it to factory default without reset button?

Actually it has a software named PSAdmin to reset it back to factory default, but PSAdmin can't detect the Print Server because the TCP/IP Protocol is disabled so I can't reset it

thanks in advance,
Riko Nagatama
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  1. hi dadiggle,

    it is not a router, but a Print Server.. And it doesn't have a reset button

  2. in your booklet or use the link for the manuel http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=DP-301P%2b&tab=3.qig
  3. I've just tried it, but no luck..

    I use arp -a but it can't detect the Print Server interface..

    But of course it shouldn't be able to detect the Print Server, because tcp/ip protocol is disabled :p
  4. sorry, but still no luck...

    I still can't ping to the Print Server IP...
    TCP/IP is disabled, maybe I can use AppleTalk protocol..

    anybody know how to use AppleTalk?
  5. well, I just borrow my friends mac, but it is not support AppleTalk.. I guess AppleTalk is too old..

    any idea?

    It's not funny if I must buy a new one because of wrong configuration :(
  6. enable tcp/ip protocol and retry
  7. well...i can't enable it because i can't access the print server through tcp/ip protocol
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