To homebuild or not?(Build updated, need input)

Hello everyone. Ive been considering lately about getting a new computer that will be exclusively used for gaming. now i have just basic knowledge of pc parts and Ive never bought a pc for myself before so im pretty unsure of what to do. I'm looking to spend around $1000. What caught my eye was the Velocity Micro Edge z30

The build i had in mind would just be to upgrade the graphics card to a 768mb Evga Nvidia Geforce gtx 460 wich would put the build up to $1039

I heard very good reviews about this company and i would like to hear the communities thoughts on this pc, or if I should just build my own. I do have a build in mind from newegg, its just i'm nervous about spending the money and not having my pc work due to human error.

Thank you very much
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Build your own PC,it costs less than a pre-built PC.There are lots of useful guides around the web for building a PC(which isn't hard at all)
  2. You tell us ....

    VM case is s small one, let's look at an Antec Illusion w/ dust filters and other goodies and a quality 1 TB Hard Drive (2 x the VM offering)

    PSU again is a small one. I'm sizing for twin 470 GTX's
    Antec TP-750, 50% bigger and beeter quality PSU

    MoBo - Asus Sabertooth but y a can't buy from newegg atm cause they only selling it in combo last 3 days. Wait till available or buy alternate location (i.e Amazon which has for same price). This is a twin slot MoBo which means you can add a 2nd vid card in SLI later on. VM offering was 1 card max.

    CPU - i5-760 a step up over the VM offering

    CPU Cooler - Scythe Mugen 2 SCMG 2100 (2nd best performer is benchmarkreviews testing) over VM's "stock" Intel cooler. Now you can OC your box.

    TIM - Shin Etsu benchmarreviews top product over Intel "run of the mill"

    RAM - Mushkin 2 x 2Gb DDR3-1600 CAS 7 compered w/ slower 1333 CAS 9

    GFX - EVGA Superclocked 470 GTX w/ 1280 MB over VM's 460 w. 768 MB

    Asis 24 X Burner w/ LS over 20x from VM

    OS - Win 7 64 Home Premium
    $100 -

    Yes, I spent $50 extra of ya money but did a significant upgrade on every single part. In addition, you can upgrade to an SLI rig by adding a 2nd GFX card in the future, an option not available with your previous MoBo or PSU. On top f that you ca overclock the begeezes outta this box as cooler, case and PSU can handle it.
  3. ok so here's the build i decided on if i was going to build my own. I would like some input on if all these parts will work together and if there's anything that i should drop/add/change. my goal is to get a good gaming pc for the least amount of money

    All together with a mouse and keyboard, this comes to around $930. All orders are from




    Hard Drive


    Video card


    Along with a logitec board and mouse and windows 7 64 bit

    let me know what you guys think
  4. sorry jacknaylorPE, i posted my build right after i saw your post. ill check it out
  5. After looking at that JackNaylorPE built, i cant say i dislike it, but that's primarily due to my inexperience'. I do realize that with a pre-built im getting a lot less for my money. Ill just have to overcome my fears of working on suck expensive equipment.

    Is there anyway that we could come down on the price tag though? im looking for around $1000 with mouse/keyboard.

    Like i said i'm inexperienced, so you you guys help me out?
  6. It's hard to cut something there w/o you losing further on down the road. Of course a 460 would do that. here's a super clocked one for $160

    That saves $110 which shud put ya $20 below ya budget...and ya can finish off w/ this set.

    Since ya don't have the 470, ya can drop the PSU size down a notch ... saves another $23 for the TP-650

    If ya can squeeze it....perhaps hold off about 2 weeks, I'd stick w/ original build and get what ya can for ya $1,000 budget and put the last 1-2 items on ya X-Mas list. My guess is next Friday you will see some big deals which might get ya there are at least real close
  7. thanks a lot. i might go for the geforce gtx 460 if the money is short, but everything else sounds great. so you have personal experience with all of these parts?

    I have a few general questions about pc parts

    1. how can you pick out a good motherboard? since i'm not a tech guy i cant understand everything that is listed under product details. do you generally get what you pay for? how much do is a good mobo go for?

    2. When picking our ram, as long as your mobo runs DDR3 can i purchase any ram that is DDR3? same with DDR1 and DDR2?

    3. How can you tell quality pc cases? or does it go by brand name alone. what are good dimensions when shopping for cases?

    4. whats the difference between video cards made by different brands(i.e asus, evga, xfx), but the same model?

    thank you very much for your help so far
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