Hey everybody,

Okay, here is the story. I have this Saphire Vapor X ATI Radeon 4870 1GB, I used it, maybe two months, then the 58xx cards came out, and I had to have one, so its been sitting in an anti static bag.

I friend of mine was running a 4670, and an older 5600+ dual core on his older Gigabyte 770 based board, I told him I could hook him up with a quad, and if he did not mind going with a used card, I had this 4870 that would be a significant step up for him. He agreed, so all at once, I'm upgarding his power supply, hard drive, going from vista to 7 (clean install on new drive), Athlon II 640 X4, and the Saphire Vapor X Radeon 4870.

Now, I can tell you, I have had this card running on windows 7, and, the manual fan adjustments in the CCC worked just fine at the time. I suppose its been a little less than a year since I ran that. I could adjust the fan manually, and it was whisper quiet, and its default was fairly quiet too, I figure it was set to idle around half speed or so.

Now, I flash his BIOS to Award F7 to get him ready for the quad core, I clean install windows 7 home premium on a fresh hard disk, and I install the latest drivers and CCC from ATI, and the fan constantly whines at 100%, I can't adjust it from the overclocking section in the CCC, and I have attempted to flash the BIOS on the card with ATI winflash to no avail.. I have also taken the card out to inspect the fan heater, and all four pins seem to be clean and straight, plugged in properly.

So, can anyone figure out any troubleshooting steps I may be missing? I gotta slow this down before I give it to him, at 100% it whines, oh, and by the way, the temps are perfectly fine, at idle its around 44, when I burn it in it does not get much warmer than 60 which is well within spec for those cards. So its not full throttle because its hot.

If anyone comes up with the solution, I'll see about mailing ya some Berger Cookies from Baltimore!

Thanks all.
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  2. Tried with different drivers? 10.3/10.4/10.8/10.4?
  3. No, I can't say I have rolled back the driver yet. I will try that. Just wish I could roll with the current drivers and not have to constantly fuss.

    I'm a huge proponent for PC gaming, but its times like these that I understand the console crowd.
  4. I rolled back the drivers, and tried MSI after burner as well, absolutely nothing works... I'm at a loss.
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