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Here is the current setup:

Motherboard: ASrock M3A790GXH/128M
Processor: AMD Phenom II x955 BE C2
RAM: OCZ 1600 Gold edition 3G18002G 4 GB's in 2 sticks
GPU: 2x Gainward 4850HD in crossfire
PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W
Case: Antec 902

I'm upgrading this grandpa.
I've decided to go for a Cayman when they will come out, aka HD 6970. So I'm wondering, besides buying a new PSU (obviously 600w isnt enough for a cayman) and 3 sticks of 2gb triple channel ram, should I also pick up a new AM3 motherboard such as Asus Crosshair IV Formula? I will be upgrading this phenom later on, and im not sure if these motherboards are future proof because what i've heared is that Phenoms will be replaced with Bulldozers (Zambezi) soon, and if so, i will buy one.

Also any suggestions on the PSU, RAM and the mobo?

worth buying new am3 board in wait of new cpu or should i wait?
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    Your Ram should be ok even when you upgrade GPU and/or CPU#

    Also you sed something about the triple channel RAM but if you read this article in 5th paragraph it says that the new Zambezi CPUs will only support dual-channel memory controller.

    If you thinking of buying the new Bulldozer then stay with this MOBO as it can run the HD 6970 with no problem for now.

    Then when the new Bulldozers come out get a new MOBO compatible with the new series of Bulldozers.

    The PSU might be able to run you one HD 6970, but if you thinking of going into crossfire in future get somthink like 850W or 900W as the new line of ATI card have low power combustions and run cooler then the HD 5xxx series.

    Also look into corsair PSUs as they're high quality PSUs, better then the OCZ PSUs.
  2. That, i didnt know!

    Anyway, thanks for replys so far.
    Here what im planning to do then
    Wait until the cayman emerges, buy one, and probably a 800w modular corsair PSU.
    Then, wait until bulldozer comes and go from there.

    Is it any logical?
  3. umm, my processor is a quad core with unlocked multiplayer if that is what you mean

    and im not sure for the tripple crossfire 4850... i have enough problems with two hd4850's. Im gonna stick to single cards.
  4. excuse my grammar, English isnt my native language. As for the cores, theyr all unlocked... i guess.
  5. I didnt need to unlock any cores, they are all working fine! All four of them.
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